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Ethic Commitment Charter von sol4school

Die Qualität unserer Produkte liegt uns am Herzen. Neben der hochwertigen Verarbeitung der Artikel ist für uns aber auch ein wesentlicher Bestandteil die Produktion unter ethischen und fairen Bedingen.
Wir arbeiten daher mit einer begrenzten Anzahl von Herstellern zusammen. SOL´s und AWDIS produzieren in überwachten Fabriken nach folgenden Grundsätzen:


A sustainable and ethical approach
• By committing to respect and to make the factories respect the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION Labor Code
• By working with its factories in the continued e orts to improve working conditions
• By signing the charte of the Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Communication par l’Objet (2FPCO) and of the European Promotionnal Products Association (EPPA) RESPECT
• Follow up and control of the working conditions by audits performed by independant external suppliers.
• Improved hygiene and health through an integrated medical center.
• Control of the electrical installations and the robustness of the buildings…
• Continuous education and training of staff

• SOL’S ensures strict compliance toTHE GENEVA CONVENTION for the non-child labor.
• We abide by the rules in force, most particularly for the terms and conditions regarding toxicity of «The Consumers’ Health and Safety» in collaboration with the IFTH for REACH.
• Non-use of toxic dyes guaranteed by Oeko-Tex CERTIFICATES: N°CQ 1094/1 for our t-shirts and polo-shirts in 100% cotton (white and coloured), cotton viscose (white and grey marl), and cotton elastane (white and grey marl); our 100% polyester  eeces (white and coloured);
and our acrylic/cotton sweaters (white and coloured). N°CQ 1094/2 for our cotton towels (white and coloured).
• An environmental approach by joining the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC): Monitoring the consumption of energy and water, and the waste management so as to reduce their environmental impact

Auszug aus der Commitment Charter von SOL´s. Download und stets aktuelle Version hier http://www.sols-products.com/certifications/CHARTES-BD_EN.pdf

JustHoods AWDIS

We’re passionate about doing things the right way at AWDis, which is why we only use WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories.

WRAP’s “12 Principles” are based on accepted international workplace standards and regulations which encompass human resources management, health and safety, environmental practices, legal compliance including import/export and customs conformity, security standards and local laws.

Wrap has grown to become a global leader in social compliance. Its comprehensive inspection and certification process has made it the world’s largest independent social compliance certification program for the apparel/ textile industry.

We and our global partners have a shared commitment to fair and safe working practices throughout our supply chain. We recognize our responsibility to ensure the manufacturing methods used match the ideals of those that wear and love our products.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie direkt beim Herstellerhttp://justhoodsbyawdis.com/about/